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Woman with Hand on Face
Woman with Hand on Face


  • As we at Raleigh Skin Surgery Center launch our cosmetic clinic, it is vital to outline our philosophy towards aging skin.  First off, all skin is aging and that’s an important distinction – aging skin is not “old” skin; in fact, aging skin is any skin at any age that shows sign of aging including:

    • Solar lentigines (aka “sun spots” “liver spots” “freckles”)

    • Rhytids (aka wrinkles) which are caused by repeated facial movements and poor skin laxity over time

    • Uneven skin pigmentation/color, including melasma (darkening of skin caused by hormonal changes and heredity)

    • Sun damage and rough or scaly skin

    • Loss of skin elasticity caused by sun exposure over time, environmental factors, lifestyle choices, etc

Our philosophy is PREVENTION - target above causes individually starting at a young age – do not wait until the above signs of aging are too significant or severe to ameliorate or lessen or reverse. Our goal and expertise is a natural, youthful look.  Looking natural is vital to an optimal outcome, and it’s what we specialize in at Raleigh Skin Surgery Center. 

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