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Patient Referrals:

We accept referrals through:
  • Infina Connect
  • Direct mail (our HISP address is
    • Uses a HISP address (similar to an email address) to send encrypted unidirectional communication between two electronic medical record systems
    • The best, easiest, and most secure to send patient information and photos
    • More information about direct mail can be found here​
  • Email (
  • Fax (919-390-0219)
To expedite scheduling your patient for Mohs surgery, please include the following documents with your referral to our office:
  • Patient Demographics, including phone number
  • Front and back of all insurance cards
  • Photos of site(s) in color and highest resolution possible (digital photos preferred) 
  • Pathology Report with sites for Mohs clearly marked
It is very helpful to notify us if the patient is in a care facility (nursing home, assisted living, group home, etc.) or has a health care power of attorney.
Once we have received all the necessary items for a referral, we will contact the patient to schedule.

Accepted Insurance:

Many changes occur frequently regarding insurance. We participate in and accept most major insurance plans EXCLUDING Medicaid, Tricare Prime, Humana HMO, BCBS Blue Home/Local, Aetna Duke Select and Duke Basic, and Cigna Connect. 
We participate in and accept Experience Health Medicare Advantage HMO and BCBS Home.
Please feel free to call prior to referring a patient if you have a question about a specific insurance policy.
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